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Top 8 places to go in Vietnam for visitors

Hanoi Vietnam

1. Sapa

From a remote mountainous area, Sapa has become the top tourist destination of our country. Taking advantage of the advantages of natural scenery and culture with the works of people helped attract tourists to Sapa. The feeling of being touched by the clouds or standing among the wonderful white snowflakes you will not find anywhere else in Vietnam. The new Mount Fansipan cable car line and the newly opened mountain railway provide more unique experiences for travelers. With all its beauty, Sapa is the first one of places to go in Vietnam. You can take tour Sapa Fansipan or click here to see more tours in Sapa.

Sapa vietnam

2. Phu Quoc

In recent years, Phu Quoc has always been considered as the hottest tourist destination in Vietnam by tour operators and tourists. If you want to find a place to avoid the noise and you are a sea lovers, then Phu Quoc is where you should go. Sea views, a jade green color makes this place is heaven. Phu Quoc has many interesting experiences such as snorkeling, coral reefs, night squid fishing, sea cable car, and of course indispensable is to enjoy the fresh seafood that is very cheap price. Places to go in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc island

3. Da Lat – Places to go in Vietnam.

It is often said that Dalat is not bored many times. Perhaps the reason is because the beauty of this place changes continuously each season. At Da Lat sad in the purple phoenix, romantic when the cherry bloom, sometimes strong and wild with the road yellow flowers, … Flowers are part of the attraction of the city. this street. Another attraction of Dalat is the cool air. The coldness makes the pace slow and the hugs and fists are so warm. There are countless experiences in Dalat such as exploring the mulberry garden, waterfall slides, rattan hunting at mountain peaks, stepping through the misty pine forest, taking pictures of tea hills.

Da Lat Vietnam

4. Con Dao

Speaking of Con Dao, you will think of the name of Con Dao prison, which marks the hardships and indomitable spirit of our nation. Today, Con Dao is no longer a place of mourning but instead is a destination with beautiful people. Con Dao is the greenest in our country. Not only that, the sea is still and clean so you can enjoy the cool bath here. Not only that, the services from rest, fun to eat on the island are very cheap. The development of routes along many lines has contributed to make the journey to Con Dao much easier. Places to go in Vietnam.

Con Dao island

5. Phan Thiet – Places to go in Vietnam.

Never again Phan Thiet again as busy as last year. And this year Phan Thiet will surely attract more visitors. The names such as Mui Ne, Lagi, Ke Ga, Sand Bay, Bau Trang, Suoi Tien, … are many visitors, check-in. Despite the hot climate and difficult natural conditions, it has created a special beauty for Phan Thiet. The sand dunes stretch out like a desert or coastline bending a blue blend so the scenery is amazing. Not as romantic as Da Lat, not as wild as Phu Quoc but the beauty of Phan Thiet is the strong, the vivacity and exciting rhythm of the fishing community.

Phan Thiet Mui Ne

6. Danang

Danang – the city worth living will be the next destination you should visit. Da Nang has both natural destinations and modern man-made facilities. To Da Nang you can visit Ngu Hanh Son, conquer Ba Na peak, enjoy fun in Vinpearl Land, or bathe in the beach. In addition, the annual Fireworks Festival is also one of the attractions for visitors to Da Nang. Places to go in Vietnam.

Danang Vietnam

7. Hoi An

Central tourism can not mention Hoi An. No other place can bring ancient beauty, peace and romantic like Hoi An. Although Hoi An does not have a lot of exciting experiences but compensates for every corner of the Hoi An town, it brings an unforgettable feeling to visitors. Some famous spots in Hoi An such as Nha Ky Tan Ky, Bridge Pagoda, Cantonese Assembly Hall, An Bang, …

Hoian Vietnam

8. Binh Ba

Binh Ba Island, also known as lobster island. In recent years, Binh Ba Island tourism has developed. It owns the blue sea, white sand, fresh seafood and especially still very wild. As a military island, only Vietnamese tourists can visit the island. In Binh Ba you can swim, snorkel, fish, squid, cheap lobster and lunch on the raft extremely special. Binh Ba tourism, you can combine with tourism Nha Trang, Binh Hung, Binh Tien, Binh Lap.

Binh Baisland

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