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Tips for travel to Sapa Vietnam


Sapa is always the favorite destination for both domestic and international tourists. The most attractive here is sparkling rice terraces where you can take stunning pictures. Also, exploring these rice fields is the most common trekking route. You will always be amazed by this beautiful view even you have come to Sapa several times.

1. When is the best time to travel to Sapa?

Sapa has cool climate throughout the year, one day here you will experience four seasons in the year: Spring, summer, autumn and winter. So you can come to Sapa at any time. But best, with the sharing of people, you should travel to Sapa at the following time:

– Around March – May and September – November are considered the best time to travel to Sapa. In addition, these times in Sapa also there are some very special festival again.

– April and May is the time of transplanting rice of the people here, rice terraces are very beautiful. Especially, this is the season where the flowers in Sapa begin to bloom. If you are interested in photography, you should travel to Sapa this time.


– The end of September is the season of rice. At this time, Sapa seems like wearing a beautiful yellow coat. According to travel experience of many people and tourists, this is the time should travel to Sapa most.

2. How to get to Sapa?

There are 4 ways to travel to Sapa:

Passenger cars: If you plan to travel to Sapa by car, we recommend that you take a bed car and call the station for a ticket, advance booking. When booking, always book a return ticket to avoid the case of running out of tickets in the peak months. The prestigious car manufacturers with quality services and affordable price you should choose: Hung Thanh (0989.294.294), Hai Van (1900 6484), Sen Viet (04.6295 3211 – 04.38338296) …

Bus: New Hanoi – Lao Cai expressway bus only takes you about 4 hours to get to Sapa. Bus fare is also cheaper than passenger car. You can contact the car directly to ask for price and buy tickets in advance. This is the best choice that is both cheap and safe for you to travel to Sapa

sapa bus

Train: If you plan to take a train, you should also buy a bed seat for resting overnight. Therefore, the next day to Sapa you still have enough strength to go around. You can come directly to the train station to buy tickets or you can book them online.

3. Where to stay when travel to Sapa?

Hotels, guesthouses and homestay are 3 choices for travelers to Sapa. You can book Sapa hotel in advance and it’s really easy for you through booking.com. However, you should check the reviews of other guests before booking any hotel. In addition, if you stay at a hotel, you can use many other services for free like laundry, bike rental, breakfast,… or you can join Sapa homestay tour. According to the experience of travel to Sapa, there are two areas that located lots of hotels are: Cau May and Fansipang. In these two areas, the price per night for two people is about 200,000-300,000VNĐ. The holiday season may increase but not significantly.

sapa hotel

Some hotels, motels, reasonable prices that many tourists should know when travel to Sapa:

Sapa Hotel Pinocchio Hotel at 15 Muong Hoa, Price from $ 23: Free wifi, laundry service, breakfast included, bike rental. It is close to the western quarter so shopping is convenient, near many shops Dining (Most Popular)

Green Valley Hotel: Address 45 Muong Hoa, convenient location, price is very good only about $ 11 / night but quite lack of facilities (like TV), service and normal room. However, this is not a bad choice if you want to save the most money.

Tavan Ecologic Homestay: (in Ta Van) Very cheap, only $ 4 – $ 5, extremely cool and close to nature. There are wifi, fishing and so on to help you relax. Homestay is highly rated, up to 9.5 / 10 from the guests travel to Sapa.

Sapin Hotel: No. 14 Dong Loi, TT Sapa is available for about $ 22 / day, with basic standards: free wifi, bike rental, nice room, reasonable price. This is also one of the many selected hotels

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa on Xuan Vien Road, central Sapa. With rates up to over $ 100 / day, this 4.5 star resort includes all amenities: Wifi, pool, massage, sauna, spa, gym, pool table and of course breakfast included. For the needs of a luxury hotel, comfortable and full in Sapa, this is the first choice, the most booked and best response.

4. What to eat when travel to Sapa?

Thang Co is famous food in Sapa is made from cattle meat along with nearly 30 kinds of spices make the dishes become unique. This dish is usually available in the market or village. If you want to enjoy this dish, you should visit weekly local markets. This dish may scare you at first, but you definitely try it when travel to Sapa.

sapa bbq

Thit lon cap nach: When mentioning Sapa specialties we have to include Thit lon cap nach, this is the unique kind of pig of the upland people. Meat is soft, fragrant and sweet, not soaked, are carefully marinated with spices enjoy a very delicious, delicious alcohol. If you haven’t tried this dish, it means you never travel to Sapa.

Thit gac bep is a traditional food of the people in the highlands, made from meat of cattle, pigs … The meat is made from the lean meat of the cattle, then filtered fat, ribs and then marinated with leaves chewy, salted, chili and hung up the kitchen.

Addresses for cheap and delicious food in Sapa: Barbecue: Cau May Street Quan A Quynh – Thang Co: No.15 Thach Son A Phu Restaurant: No.15 Fansipan Pho Nam Dinh (Ba Ngoc) – breakfast, lunch, dinner cheaper than in the center of Sapa town. Address: 078 Luong Dinh Cua St. – Near BX New Market (Tel: 01676 609 886 Mr Ba) Pho Tung Hanoi (Beef noodle soup) prices slightly higher than the ground – Address 71 Xuan Vien – Sapa Town – Lao Cai Province. Bun Cha (fried noodles, rolls, duck, grilled meat, meat porridge). Address: 050 Dien Bien Phu – Sapa – Sapa district – Lao Cai province (near the main gate of Sapa district) Suoi Bac Restaurant: (030 Tue Tinh street). They offer delicious food, reasonable prices, many customers praised. Bun Bo Hue: Address: 028 Thach Son Street – Sapa Town – Lao Cai Province

If you want to explore more in Sapa, please see Tours of Sapa

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