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Tips for travel to Nha Trang

Nha Trang has a tropical monsoon climate, but is also dominated by oceanic climate. Therefore, Nha Trang climate is relatively mild, not too harsh as in the North and not too unpredictable as in the South. Winter in Nha Trang is cold, summer is long and hot but not too much. Weather in Nha Trang also has two distinct rainy and sunny seasons. In addition, the coastal city of Nha Trang is in the area less affected by the storm. Therefore, Nha Trang tourism is always ready to welcome visitors.

1. How to travel to Nha Trang from Hanoi?

There are many means of transportation to travel to Nha Trang such as passenger cars, airplanes, trains … You can freely choose depending on your financial ability and time off. Passenger car to Nha Trang from Hanoi, Saigon

– From Hanoi: You can take the car to Nha Trang at My Dinh station, Luong Yen, … Hoang Long ride (04 39282828 – 058 3853345) for safe and cheap. Ticket price is 710,000 VND / person / bed.

– From Saigon: You can catch a lot of cars from Saigon to Nha Trang. For example: Hoang Long, Phuong Trang (08 38309309), Minh Dung (08 35115234 – 08 35190519), Lien Hung (0913 478982 – 0913 478982); Tra Lan Vien (08 22001579 – 0933727474), Cuc Tung (058 2471999 – 08 35116863), Ha Linh (058 3524877 – 08 35075345).

– From Da Lat: Phuong Trang (08 38309309).

Train to Nha Trang

– From Hanoi: Take the SE1, SE3, SE5, SE7, TN1. When going back: SE2, SE4, SE6, SE8, TN2.

– From Saigon: SN4 and SNT2. Go to SNT3.

Flights to Nha Trang

You should choose the flight to Cam Ranh airport, then from here by taxi or bus to the city center Nha Trang. Don’t forget to buy the return ticket just in case there is no more left in peak season. Especially, some airlines such as Jetstar, Vietjester very often have the opportunity to discount, so pay attention to hunt cheap tickets offline to travel to Nha Trang.

2. How to visit Nha Trang city?

– Taxi: The choice of most visitors to Nha Trang. If choosing a taxi as a means of transportation in Nha Trang then you should choose the car companies such as Mai Linh, Vinasun, Nha Trang, International, Agarwood … to travel to Nha Trang

– Bus: Travel around Nha Trang by bus is an experience that you should try. Cheap, not being overcharged. This is also the advice of travel experience Nha Trang savings, self-sufficiency.

– Motorbikes, bicycles: You can rent one with the price of 50,000 – 100.000VND / day. And this rental doesn’t include gasoline.

– Cable: Compared to the above, the cable car is more expensive, but faster because it is a cable car over Nha Trang Bay and this is also the most interesting way when travel to Nha Tarng. Moreover, when you buy a cable car ticket you have covered all the amusement parks in Vinpearl Land.

– Boats: This is a means for you to visit the big island in Nha Trang. When buying tickets, remember to buy a return ticket, otherwise you will have to stay there.

3. What to see when travel to Nha Trang?

– Vinpearl Land: This is the “paradise of the tropics” with luxury hotels, fun zone and 4D cinema. Besides of amusement area, there are also lots of restaurants and hotels on Vinpearl where you can have the best services and experiences when travel to Nha Trang.

– Travel 4 islands: Hon Mun, Hon Mot, Banh Tranh, Tri Nguyen Aquarium are famous places in Nha Trang. With this service, according to travel experience in Nha Trang, you should buy tour tickets. This is because if you buy a tour, you can save up lots of money. Some company offers you a tour with the price covering all entrance fee for all these places.

– Ninh Van Bay: Stunning wildlife, suitable for those who prefer quiet, rest and relaxation. In addition, here you can also experience the services such as snorkeling, coral viewing, surfing, windsurfing, Kayaking … This bay will bring you the most unforgettable memories for your travel to Nha Trang.

Institute of Oceanography: All the secrets of the sea are stored here. In particular, you can watch the sea creatures swim around you in a transparent aquarium.

– Ponagar Tower: The most magnificent architecture of Cham people. Here, you can learn a lot about Cham culture. Moreover, after visiting Thap Ba, you can go to hot mineral water to experience the mud bath service.

– Dai Lanh Beach: You can rent motorboat to visit Khai Luong, Dam Mon, Vung Ro port … and enjoy or buy fresh seafood in these fishing villages. Very cheap price, which is the best experience for your travel to Nha Trang.

4. What to eat in Nha Trang?

4.1 Bun Cha Ca

This is Nha Trang specialties that you should enjoy. With special taste, slender thin noodles made from mackerel and delicious broth. To enjoy this dish, you can go to: Nam Bo Beef noodle Soup B2 Phan Boi Chau, Nha Trang and Loan Fish Restaurant on Ngo Gia Tu Street (Trinh Phong fork).

4.2 Bun Sua

This dish becomes a specialty of Nha Trang, with clear water used in the sweet, crushed from paralysis with white, thick, crispy jellyfish. The taste is sweet, cool and sweet. Address for you to eat noodle soups Nha Trang delicious: Fish noodles Beef Chung Beef B2 Phan Boi Chau, Nha Trang and 23 Yet Kieu. Prices range from 20-30k / bowl. Don’t miss this dish when travel to Nha Trang

4.3 Nem Ninh Hoa

Nem Ninh Hoa becomes a famous snack in Nha Trang, arriving in Nha Trang you should not ignore this dish. There are two kinds of nem chua and baked rolls, each with a distinct flavor. Enjoyment at 15 Le Loi.

5. Best time to travel to Nha Trang

– From January to August 8: The dry season dominates throughout Nha Trang City, the weather is cool, dry, airy, extremely suitable for any trip in Nha Trang.

– September – December: The last months of the year, Nha Trang began to welcome the rain with a little cold. Sometimes it will affect your travel plans. Therefore, if you travel in the last months of the year, you should be equipped with necessary items such as umbrellas or raincoats, to avoid the joy of unexpectedly dealing with rain.

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