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Sapa in December the only chance for you to admire snow in Vietnam


Every season Sapa is beautiful with its own characteristics like the seasoned terraced fields of ripe rice in September 10, or the triangular flowering season that blooms a whole Northwest. But for many people, a snow-covered Sapa in December is as beautiful as a fairy tale that no one comes out of. And, that’s why travel to Sapa in December has attracted los of tourists recently. So, let’s discover what is waiting for you in Sapa now!

1. Snowy season


In recent years, Sapa also has snow in early December. Sometimes snow appears in the middle of the month, sometimes at the end of the month depending on the year. The most common snowfall is from December 15 to January 10 because these are the coldest days and there are very strong cold waves.

The temperature of Sapa in December drops very low, sometimes below 0 degrees C. Thick fog covers everywhere, even there are foggy days until noon. Coming to Sapa this time, you can feel the cold wind cut into your flesh. So, it’s important to equip yourself with warm clothes and heating pad.

In order to enjoy snow, visitors should follow the weather forecast carefully. And not all areas of Sapa have snow so visitors need to choose the place where they can hold the white snowflakes or play with thick snow on the ground.

2. What should prepare when coming to Sapa in December?


Falling snow is a condition to get attractive romantic scenes, but in fact visitors need to be well prepared to ensure their safety and health. According to the experiences when traveling to Sapa by many tourists:

– Clothing: Visitors need to bring enough warm clothes, wool gloves, wool socks, wool hats, shoes / boots, masks, raincoats (because of occasional rain in Sapa in December). – Food: You need to eat well so that the body does not lack energy. In addition to dining in Sapa, visitors can bring some fast food to fight hunger in necessary cases.

– Fitness: If you come from cold-weather countries, you can catch up with the weather of Sapa in December quickly. If not, it takes your time to adapt to the weather here. So, visitors should exercise to maintain the strong physical strength before the trip to experience snow Sapa. Besides, visitors should not take a hot bath right from the outside to the house, because it can cause sudden changes in body temperature.

– Transportation: Sapa at this time of the year is very crowded with tourists inside and outside the country, so crowded situation often happens. Therefore, visitors should consider transportation to ensure safety.

3. Where you can enjoy the most beautiful snowy scenes in Sapa?


Sapa is a very romantic and beautiful tourist destination, so in winter, Sapa still retains such a charming appearance. However, to see the snow, there are some places in Sapa that are considered to be the most beautiful. Many Sapa tours also bring tourists to these locations:

– Terraced fields: The terraced fields in Sapa were once voted as one of the 30 most beautiful terraced fields in the world by Mother Nature. In the snowy season, the white terraced fields stretch to reach the eye, creating a wonderful spectacular scenery.

– O Quy Ho Pass: Located 10km from Sapa town, O Quy Ho Pass crosses Hoang Lien Son Range and is named as one of the four great peaks of the Northwest Pass. O Quy Ho Pass has a majestic mountain landscape, when the snow falls white covered with foliage trees, visitors will feel like standing in the middle of the fairy forests of Europe. With a height of 2,090m above sea level, O Quy Ho Pass is the place where visitors can admire the spectacular natural scenery of Sapa in December.

– Fansipan Peak: In an area with a height of 2.800m above sea level of Fansipan peak, snow is often covered with white. The higher the snow, the thicker it is, covering the mountains and the temple roofs at the top. At the highest position of Fansipan with a height of 3,143m, the snow becomes denser.The feeling of standing on a mountain top is windy and watching a large area covered with snow is truly amazing. You click here to refer our Sapa Fansipan tour or Sapa tours

Here are something you must know before setting off to Sapa in December to admire snow in Vietnam. Don’t forget to equip yourself with essential information before going because it will make your travel better.

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