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Reasons not to sit on leather chairs in hotel rooms

An American doctor Nidhi Ghildayal recommend that you should stay away from the leather chair when renting a room.

Sitting and working on soft leather chairs in hotel rooms is a habit of many people. However, according to experts, these are things that you should not sit on because they actually contain many bacteria, dirt, even aphids, viruses and mold.

Dr. Nidhi Ghildayal, Ph.D., an infectious disease specialist at the Institute – University of Minnesota, USA, explained this problem. Chairs are places where people often sit, and put luggage, clothes, towels and even dirty shoes on. That led to a large number of bacteria hidden inside. Stains on chairs are only cleaned using a cloth. But germs on it can’t be cleaned this way.

In addition, housekeeping staff do not have much time for cleaning, so the chair is often overlooked. This makes the bacteria hidden inside the chair indestructible and many of the germs living here can make you sick.

Therefore, to protect your health, you should place a clean towel on the seat surface before sitting down and avoid any direct contact with them. Sniffing the chair will also help detect whether or not they are moldy. Leather chairs, as confirmed by Nidhi Ghildayal, are one of the dirtiest items in the hotel room. The objects on this list are also the controls for TVs, carpets … because they are least cleaned. You should also refrain from using a coffee machine, as a customer once found mold inside the machine.

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