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Precautions for pregnant women before flight

To ensure good health, passengers should consult a physician, as well as find out seat information before flight. Aircraft are the safest and most time-saving means of transportation. However, pregnant passengers should keep the following notes in mind.

When booking air tickets

Before booking, you should inform the agent in advance of your pregnancy status, for advice about regulations and necessary notes. To reduce the pressure of landing, taking off or falling into turbulent weather, pregnant passengers should choose a middle seat, near the aircraft wing. In case you feel abnormal during pregnancy, please consider carefully before booking. If there are special requirements, do not hesitate to mention with the airline for assistance.

Antenatal examination and preparation of documents

This is an important step to decide whether or not you are allowed to fly. Please consult with your doctor. In addition to the necessary identification documents such as passport, ID card, pregnant women who want to travel must have a medical certificate from the doctor and fill out the form to provide Medical information (MEDIF I and MEDIF II) depending on the requirements of each carrier.

With Vietnam Airlines, passengers under 32 weeks of pregnancy are accepted to board as usual. For customers who are 32 – 36 weeks old, a physician’s health certificate and medical information is required before flight. Customers with a pregnancy period of more than 36 weeks or expected to be born within 7 days and 7 days after birth will be refused to board due to safety reasons.

With Vietjet Air, women from the 27th week of pregnancy will need to provide a certificate of pregnancy status and sign a disclaimer at the time of flight registration. In addition, you need to present a certificate of fitness to fly. Confirmation must be issued within 7 days from the departure time of departure and return flights, expected to be case-by-case. The airline refuses pregnant women over 32 weeks to board its carriers.

Airline Jetstar regulations, passengers under 28 weeks of pregnancy and healthy pregnancy are accepted for boarding as usual. From 28 to 32 weeks, pregnant women need a pregnancy certificate / health certificate (signed within 10 days to the date of flight departure). In addition, you must sign a disclaimer. The airline refused to allow passengers with pregnancy over 36 weeks to board its planes.

Where to consider

Women with signs of hypertension, hyperglycemia, diabetes, at risk of premature birth or abnormal placenta should be considered before flying. In addition, there are cases of artificial insemination or sickle cell disease (red blood cells are fragile when high and low oxygen concentration).

In flight

Seat belts are one of the important things you need to do in flight to ensure safety. For long flights, pregnant women should not sit for too long. You can exercise on the spot with gentle exercises such as turning your wrists, ankles, stretching your hands, standing up for a short time to circulate blood.

You should drink plenty of water, milk and fruit juice to avoid dehydration while flying. Also, for long flights, request special meals in advance to meet your nutritional needs.

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