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List of interesting thigns to do in Sapa

For a great holiday in Sapa, you need to plan for yourself: from what to play? Where are you going to enjoy the food? It will be a pity if you miss the delicious dishes in Sapa. In this article, we will share the experience of eating in Sapa.

1. Sapa things to do – What to eat sapa?

Compared to other tourist resorts, Sapa travel can both enjoy the fresh food and very cheap price compared to the food in other resorts. Talk about the food in Sapa to Sapa. Now you do not need to eat Korean barbeque that can enjoy barbeque in Sapa barbecue prices extremely attractive and delicious food. Delicacies of sapa: – Grilled: baked beans, roasted potatoes, roasted cane, grilled eggs, grilled stomach, thick baked bread … Vegetables: All kinds of vegetables sapa baked. Taste is very fragrant, delicious fresh and sweet. Baked salmon: grilled salmon, grilled shrimp, grilled squid … – Other items: Salmon, sturgeon, grilled, rice, corn wine, cayenne, vegetable hot pot, , vegetables, pork, muffins … Eating in sapa is very good because the climate here is cool so natural gift here rare species where there is no place to taste like this. If you You only have to pay 150,000 VND / person for hot pot in Sapa to enjoy the delicious and sweet taste of vegetables in Sapa. Sapa things to do

2. Sapa things to do – Sapa at the most beautiful time?

Sapa tourism is beautiful in every season, but it is better than nine months in April – September and the season is from December to February. This time Sapa is very cold, also the Northwest Peach season begins to hatch. Often the couples come up here for wedding photography or the Fan climbing group very much.

3. What should be prepared?

– Estimated: Sapa trip cost about 2-3 million, from Hanoi (Depending on the level of expenditure, living of each person, ad has a cost estimate for you at the bottom of the article for your reference) Sapa things to do

– Papers: ID card, driver’s license

– Costumes: you should not bring a lot of bulky first, but the clothes are lightweight but warm. In the cold winter, you travel Sapa do not forget to bring hand gang, khan, wool hat, … anti-cold. Walking on a lot of shoes should be sports it.

4 . Sapa things to do – where to stay?

There are two more concentrated budget hotels in Sapa, including Xuan Vien and Fansipan, with prices ranging from 400-500k per night for two. The holiday season can be from 700-800k day and night depending on the hotel. But once in Sapa, it is advised to drop the idea overnight in some luxury hotel or resort to go offline! New Homestay! Are there any homestay hugs or great suggestions for this?

– VietTrekking Homestay ( you can also join Sapa Homestay tour )

Room price: 200.00 VND / Single Room and 300.00 VND / Double Room. On weekends, prices may fluctuate by 50k per room. Sapa things to do Dormitory (maximum 12 people or group) has the softest price, about 80k / person (4 people or more to 60,000 VND), weekend surcharge of 10,000 VND. VietTrekking Homestay is not too wide, only a total of 6 rooms including 4 single rooms, 1 double room and 1 dorm room. So if you remember contact book early to keep the room nhé!

– Gem Valley – Sapa: Reference price: 200 – 250,000 VND / night and can stay in the living room together for much cheaper price.

– Pho’s House is located in Ta Van, Sa Pa:

Room rates are $ 30 per night / room for 2 people. Add 3rd person surcharge 10 $ / person. Whole book book: $ 120 per day. Can accommodate 14 people, enough mattress and pillow quilt warm. In particular, Tet and holidays do not increase prices.

– Hmong Mountain Retreat:

Price: 800.000 vnd / bungalow; VND200,000 – VND250,000 / shared-room. Please save this address on the homestay list in Sapa for your next trip.

– Nam Cang Riverside Lodge:

Price: 2.500.000VND / night

– Eco Palms House:

Dormitory: 330k / 1 night Double room: 1.800k / 1 night.

5. Places of Tourism

You rent the car for convenience, price from only 80-100k only, can ask for your hotel right there. Or do not, refer to some of the prestigious car rental that you suggest!

– Ms. Ly: Car rental to play SaPa, Y Ty, Bac Ha, Lai Chau … car delivery in Lao Cai, but you will have to pay a price equal to the bus ticket to Lao Cai – Sapa. Contact: 0915 190874.

– Lao Cai Tourism Information Center – 02 Fansipan. Sapa district. Lao Cai. Phone: 020 3871975. Contact: 043 994 2811 or +84 935 999 886.

– Mr Tuan: Tel: 0983 644588.

– Mr. Trang: Phone: 0935 999886.

– Rent at Hoang Ha Hotel (Sapa): Address No. 08B Thac Bac Street, Sapa Town, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province. Tel: 0203 872 535; Hotline: 0918 324 535; Fax: 0203 873 466.

– Anh Nghia – Contact: 0973865292. Or rent a car at the address: 21 Thach Son. Sapa district. Lao Cai. Phone: 0983 644588.

Checklist of places to visit for you here:

– Ham Rong (in town center) – Silver Falls (about 12 km from town) – Cau May (about 17 km from town) – Cat Cat village (2 km from town) – Ta Van village (8 km from town center) – Ta Phin (about 12 km from town center) – Fansipan – roof of Indochina (about 9 km from town) or you can take Tour Sapa Fansipan

If you want to explore more in Sapa, please see more

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