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How is travel to Sapa on December?

December to February, Sa Pa is very cold, especially at night, can appear ice and occasionally snow. This is also the peach blossom season. At this time, many young couples want to witness the romance of the snow scene, watching the dugout flowers in the fog as well as dawn in the high valley early in the morning to Sa Pa in time. this time. It will be a difficult experience to find elsewhere in Vietnam. However, this time in Sa Pa very crowded tourists, so often very crowded and the price of services is very expensive. Sapa weather december

1. sapa weather december

December, the weather is extremely cold, to say so. The temperature is down to 0 degrees and even negative, so there will be snow conditions (based on the actual situation of the last two years). So, you note keep warm body, eat well. Sapa travel experience in December for you is not to take a hot bath immediately after stepping into the house. This is the time when Sapa is crowded, traffic jam is a frequent occurrence, you should consider the means and routes. Regular exercise before going is also a Sapa travel experience in December.

2. Festivals on December

Although it is winter, the weather is harsh, but there are some festivals held such as Tet, Jamboree, … or you can also participate in the Sapa love market (now held regularly more to serve tourism). Sapa weather december For the safety and avoid loss of property, you should remember Sapa travel experience in December is careful with all your belongings such as: bag, phone, ipad, camera, cash, …. And do not wear jewelry!

3. How to get to Sapa?

Passenger cars: If you are going to go by car, we recommend that you take a bed and call the garage for a ticket, advance booking. When booking, always book a return ticket, to avoid the case of fire in the peak months. The car manufacturers prestige, quality service and soft price you should choose: Hung Thanh (0989.294.294), Hai Van (1900 6484), Sen Viet (04.6295 3211 – 04.38338296) …

– Bus: New Hanoi – Lao Cai expressway bus, so only about 4 hours to you. Bus fare is also cheaper than a bus ride. You can contact the car directly to ask for price and buy tickets in advance. This is the best choice in Sapa travel experience that is cheap and safe that you.

– Train: If you plan to take a train, you should also buy a bed and overnight. The next day to Sapa is still a force to play. Call 04.3942.3949 to get tickets at home if you are in Hanoi nhé, tickets have to charge the ship.

– Private means: To take the initiative in traveling, as well as sightseeing on the way you can flip Sapa by motorbike or by bus or bus to Sapa and rent a motorbike.

4. Destinations for sapa weather December

+ Ham Rong Mountain is located in the center of the town, this Sapa tourist destination has ticket sales. To reach Ham Rong mountain you need to cross hundreds of stone steps.There you will admire many kinds of flowers with full color, especially when climbing to the top you will see the whole of Sapa town.

+ Conquering Fansipan peak: This is the favorite place in Indochina. Currently, there are cable car to Fansipan you will easily conquer the mountain than this or you can join Sapa trekking tours Old stone church: Located in the center of the town, the church was built from stone Roman Gothic architecture. The ancient beauty of the stone church is a place you should not miss in the journey of discovery.

+ Ta Phin village, Ta Van village, Lao Chai village, Silver waterfall, Cat Cat waterfall, Love waterfall, golden stream … Also interesting places that you should not ignore or you can take Sapa motorbike tours to explore.

4. Amazing food for sapa weather December

Thit lon cap nach: Sapa specialties include armpit pork, this is the poisonous pig of the upland people. Meat is soft, fragrant and sweet, not soaked, are carefully marinated with spices enjoy a very delicious, delicious alcohol.

Kitchen meat is a traditional food of the people in the highlands, made from meat of cattle, pigs … The meat is made from the lean meat of the cattle, then filtered fat, ribs and then marinated with leaves chewy, salted, chili and hung up the kitchen.

Thang co is famous food in Sapa is made from cattle meat along with nearly 30 kinds of spices make the dishes become unique. This dish is usually available in the market or village, if you want to enjoy the victory to the occasion of the Mong market.

If you want to explore more in Sapa, please see Sapa private tour

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