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How is Sapa Vietnam weather all year

Located in the northwest of the country, Sapa contains many wonders of nature, people. The town in the clouds attracts visitors with magnificent mountain views and many unique experiences exploring the lives of ethnic minorities. Before visiting Sapa you should equip yourself some knowledge about Sapa Vietnam weather

1. Overview

Sapa is a highland district of Lao Cai province, a land of humility, but quietly hidden in the wonders of nature. The natural landscape of Sapa is combined with the creativity of the people along with the terrain of the mountains, the green of the forest, as the picture is arranged in a harmonious arrangement creates a region with many scenes like dreaming attractive. From the city center you can enjoy the view of the mountain peaks.

Sapa travelers will have the opportunity to conquer the famous Fansipan peak or make a dusty trip to the village hidden in the mist. Mountain scenery with hundreds of flowers blooming, “Clouds hugging mountain, cloud mountain hug” will definitely make you hearty travelers when you arrive here. sapa vietnam weather

Sapa has an invaluable resource that is a cool fresh climate, with a variety of nuances. Located at an average elevation of 1,500m – 1,800m, Sapa climate is more or less temperate with temperate country, with an average temperature of 15-18 ° C. From May to August, Sapa has a lot of rain. At the end of the year, when the winter comes, the temperature in Sapa can drop below 0 degrees, sometimes with snow. sapa vietnam weather is unpredictable but you can have a general grasp according to the season.

2. Best time to travel to Sapa?

– The time to travel Sapa is from September to November or from March to 5. This time Sapa weather is stable, dry days, cold nights. Sapa vietnam weather at this time is suitable for traveling to Sapa and supports trekking.

– April – May, when ethnic minorities transplant rice on terraced fields. And this is also the bloom season of many beautiful flowers. The rice field is very beautiful, hunter’s wing like to go this season and rice season.

– September to October is the season of nine rice, then all corners of Sapa are bright yellow. Around this time, Sapa seemed to wear new clothes – yellow on all the hills. But you should go in the middle or late September, to October many places have been harvested. Sapa vietnam weather now is perfect for walking around and take stunning pictures.

– December to February is very cold, can appear ice and occasionally snow. This is also the bloom season of peach blossom. Sapa vietnam weather is super cold but you can have unforgettable view from Fansipan peak.

Transfer to Sapa

Sapa town is 38km from Lao Cai city and 376km from Hanoi. To travel to Sapa you can choose the means of train or car.

3. Travel to Sapa

By car

Sapa Express passenger car: Ticket price 250,000 VND.

Head office: 12 Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Branch office: 02 Cau May, Sapa Town, Lao Cai

Hotline: 024.668.21555, 0984.890.055

Bus Bus: Bus ticket 250.000 VND.

* Address

– Contact address in Lao Cai: 339 Lao Cai Railway Station. Phone number: 0203 828 626.

– Contact address in Sapa: No. 1 Ngu Chi Son Sapa. Phone number: 0203 887 733.

– Contact address in Hanoi: 284 Giai Phong, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi. Phone: 043 627 2727.

Sao Viet passenger car: Ticket price 250,000 VND.

Address in Lao Cai: 333B Pho Moi Ward, Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province. Phone: 020.3689 689. Hotline: 0983 63 38 38.

Address in Hanoi:

– In the South: 789 Giai Phong Street – Hoang Mai – Hanoi

+ Tel: (04) 37.638.638 – 04.36.686.358 / 04 36.686.358

– North: 7 Pham Van Dong (Xuan Thuy bridge overpass)

+ Tel: 0437.687.687 – 04.37.921.266

+ My Dinh Bus Station: 04.39 958 627 – 04.39 958 127

+ Giap Bat Bus Station: 04. 85 867 815

Ha Son Passenger Car:

Hanoi bus route – Sapa

– Departure berths:

+ Yen Nghia Bus Station – Sapa Bus Station. Departure time: 14h00

+ Underground water station – Sapa bus station. Departure time: 6h00

– Ticket price: 250,000 VND

Sapa Line – Hanoi

– Sapa Bus Station – Yen Nghia Bus Station. Departure time: 6h00

– Sapa bus station – Underground water bus station. Departure time: 13h30

– Ticket price: 250,000 VND

– Hanoi Office: N2A Building – Tran Binh – Tu Liem – Hanoi (Entrance to My Dinh Bus Station). Booking phone: 0984. 62 62 62 or 04 66 62 62 62.

– Lao Cai Office: Lao Cai Bus Station – Group 19, Binh Minh Ward – Lao Cai City. Tickets: 0203 833 567 or 0203 65 65 65.

Go by train

Trains have a variety of chairs, such as soft chairs, air-conditioned beds … The train runs at 9 or 10 pm to arrive early in the morning. This mean of transport is very convenient for all kinds of Sapa vietnam weather.

4. Where to take stunning pictures of Sapa vietnam weather

Rice terraced fields

The terraces are almost beautiful season, especially in spring, rainy season or water fall, even in May – June each year, Sapa field in the rice crop season. You will have beautiful photos together with Sapa terraced fields as a backdrop. In Sapa vietnam weather of September, you can take amazing pictures of sparkling rice terraces here.

The villages of ethnic minorities

Sapa tourists should not miss the opportunity to visit the village of the Black H’mong (Lao Chai) and Giay (Ta Van), or walk to Ta Phin to learn about the life of two Red Dao and Black H’mong. The natural beauty, lifestyle and indigenous culture of indigenous people here will make your travel itinerary more attractive and interesting. At this point, visitors not only get the unique pictures but also the opportunity to talk with local people to understand the differences in their traditional culture. You can observe their traditional clothes depending on Sapa vietnam weather by joining Sapa trekking tours, click to see more.

Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa Valley is located in Hau Thao Commune, about 8km south-east of Sapa Town. From Sapa town, passing a mountain pass, you will come to Muong Hoa valley. What is special in this valley is the ancient rock with various carvings, interlaced between the grass and the terraced fields of the ethnic minority. Here you can comfortably take pictures without worrying about the beautiful scene.

If you want to explore more in Sapa, please see tours of Sapa

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