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How is Sapa in 4 seasons? Find out the best season for Sapa travel

Situated at more than 1,000 meters above sea level, Sapa is considered as the second Dalat, but in the northwest of the country. Sapa is a fanciful, sometimes majestic, but sometimes charming in the open mist virtual. Sapa is not only convinced tourists by Sapa beautiful scenery but also has attractive specialties, especially culture and people that make the tourists do not want to leave. So, how beautiful scene in Sapa show in four seasons, please refer to the article of Asia Master Tours to choose your time to see beautiful sapa beautiful and exciting. Let’s find out how is Sapa vietnam weather

1. Beautiful Sapa in the spring – Sapa vietnam weather

If you do not have the opportunity to enjoy and experience the spring in mountainous cities like Sapa, then come up with a plan to prepare for the experience this year. Why do people have a taste for spring experience in Sapa misty country and not a noisy urban place? Because Sapa answered and proved that the spring in sapa is more beautiful than ever. Sapa vietnam weather.

Beautiful scene of spring in Sapa is very special. The weather is only about 15 degrees Celsius, along with the spring air with many flowers and trees blooming … have created a scene of Sapa spring charming, gentle that no one can ignore.

In the spring, Sapa is also the time when fruits such as peach, plum … bloom white forest. You will admire this beautiful sapa only in the spring. So, do not miss out on any opportunity when it comes time.

2. Beautiful sapa summer – Sapa vietnam weather.

Sapa is not only beautiful in the spring but also has many beautiful sights in the summer for you to experience. In summer, in Sapa is moderate temperature, not too hot nor too cold, but it is cool weather, comfortable … is suitable for those who intend to travel in Sapa resort in season summer. Here, you not only feel cool weather during the day and it will be cold at night, clouds floating in the morning but also full of beautiful sapa. Sapa vietnam weather. In summer, it is very convenient for you to visit sapa tourist attractions and sights. Some attractions you can not ignore are: Ham Rong Mountain; In the summer you also have the opportunity to enjoy the specialties “home-grown” in sapa, such as: French peaches, plum Ta Van, plum Bac Ha, Lao Chai guava, mulberry soil, pear Sapa … for you to enjoy comfort or you can take Sapa trekking tours to explore this beauty.

3. Beautiful autumn Sapa – Sapa vietnam weather.

In the fall, you can also enjoy all the beautiful sapa in the way that the mummy wears. Accordingly, only the new autumn has terraced fields with ripe yellow rice. Come to Sapa in autumn, you will not only live in a cool, fresh and pleasant atmosphere but also experience the beauty of the costumes as well as the customs of the Sapa people.

4. Beautiful winter Sapa – Sapa vietnam weather.

Normally, the winter is the Sapa season with many visitors to visit, because this is the time of low temperature, even the appearance of snow. That is the attraction and convincing all the guests.

Here, you can watch the beautiful snowflakes, all the nature and people are immersed in the cold weather where not everywhere is possible. If you are lucky enough to catch the snow, you will definitely feel better when you are enjoying the beautiful sapa in the snow and the weather to the sound.

However, traveling in any season will also have the opportunity to see the beautiful scene Sapa. Then, do not miss the opportunity to experience nature, people and beautiful culture here. In addition, whether you go to the tourist season should also be consulted and prepared carefully before going to ensure the safest and most economical. If you want to explore more, please see our Sapa tours.

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