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Go and find the beneath beauty of Sapa


Sapa never lets people down. It is the truth and it’s always true in any situation. Sapa has an unique beauty that no places in Vietnam or in the world have. Each season Sapa has different beauties, which makes us wonder which one is the true beauty of Sapa. There is no correct answer for this question. That’s why people come to Sapa every year, every season to figure out the answer.

It’s your first time in Sapa. And you don’t know how to discover this land, where you can find the beneath beauty of Sapa. Follow this list of things to see in Sapa if you want to have the answer. You can see any places in this list and find out the beauty of Sapa. Or you might not because you understand the beauty if this land in your own way.

1. Conquering the top of Fansipan – the Roof of Indochina

Fansipan is the highest mountain of the Indochinese Peninsula (3,143 m), located in the heart of Hoang Lien Son Range. Although only 9 km to the southwest of Sapa, but if you walk, climbing it takes 6 to 7 days to conquer the mountain. Currently, many climbers both professional and amateur seek to conquer the peak Fansipan. They can follow the tour of travel companies or organize themselves with the guidance of local people, ethnic Mong, Dao (Cat Cat).

Observing Sapa from Fansipan is always one of things to see in Sapa that any tourist tries to get. On the way to the top of the mountain, visitors will discover the flora and fauna of the Hoang Lien Mountains. There are many Hoang Lien, a precious medicine, precious woods, birds such as chicken, bears, monkeys, chamois, birds …


Or you can choose cable car. Fansipan cable car to go into operation in early 2016, has helped tens of thousands of visitors have set foot to Fansipan peak admire, discover, conquer the highest roof Indochina. This is also the Guinness cable car that has certified two Guinness World Record for Sapphire Fansipan Cable Car: Three-wire cable with the difference between the world’s largest travel and gas station: 1410m and the world’s longest cable: 6292.5m. The time to admire Fansipan peak is now shortened from 2 days to only 15 minutes.

2. Things to see in Sapa – Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is right next to the town of Sapa, 3 km away, visitors can walk there. Standing on the top of Ham Rong Mountain, you can enjoy panoramic views of Sapa, Muong Hoa, Sapa and Ta Phin hides. At present, with human embellishment hand, Ham Rong is a beautiful landscape full of fruit of Sapa. Visiting Ham Rong, visitors like to go to the garden, where you can feel the clouds surround you and enjoy the beauty of brilliant flowers on the ground.

Ham Rong Mountain

3. Cat Cat village

Visiting Cat Cat village is also one of things to see in Sapa. This is a long version of the Mong, 2km from Sapa town center. This place also preserves many traditional handicrafts such as cotton, linen, weaving … Cat Cat village near the town of Sapa should attract a lot of visitors visit. The site has now been built into a Cat Cat tourist site. You can also take Sapa homestay tours from Hanoi to explore this village.

4. Ta Phin village

Ta Phin village in Sapa district, about 17km east of Sapa town. This place has beautiful natural scenery, cultural features of the national identity of the Red Dao with famous brocade. At Ta Phin village, you can visit the nearby Ta Phin Cave. In the cave there are many stalactites forming interesting shapes such as dancing figure, sitting fairy, far field, forest sparkling … So, if you crave knowing the culture of ethnic people in Sapa, Ta Phin is one of things to see in Sapa where you can find the colorful life of people.

Ta Phin

In addition, there are many villages of ethnic groups to visit when traveling Sapa such as: Ta Van village – the Mong people, Giay, Tay, Red Dao …; Italian Lake, Lao Chai village – Black H’mong (about 7km southwest of Sapa town, next to Muong Hoa stream); Ho Lake of Tay people; Lao Chai village of the black H’mong (8 to 8 Km to the southeast of Sapa town, on the west bank of the Muong Hoa River); Lake of the Xa Pho …

5. Things to see in Sapa – Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa valley is located in Hau Thao commune, 8 km from Sapa town in the Southeast. From Sapa town, passing a mountain pass (80,000 VND / person), you will come to Muong Hoa valley. What is special in this valley is the ancient rock with various carvings, interlaced between the grass and the terraced fields of the ethnic minority. Hundreds of sandstone carved figures, strange characters so far have not identified the source and meaning. Today, the ancient carvings were ranked national monuments, a unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese. In Muong Hoa valley, there is a beautiful small stream stretching for about 15 km, through Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hao Thao and ending in Ban Ho.

muong hoa

In general, there are various things to see in Sapa and maybe some of them don’t show up in this list. These destinations are only small suggestions for your trip to Sapa. If you want to know Sapa, you must understand this land by your own.

If you want to join tours of Sapa, please contact us.

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