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Exploring an exotic Sapa in October


Travelling to Sapa in October, visitors will see the brilliant yellow of terraced fields stretched out, feeling the weather four seasons of the day. This place is like Da Lat of the North. However, you also can experience the diversity of ethnic minority here. You will be amazed by everything in Sapa. Let’s discover Sapa in November now.

1. Sapa in November – weather

November in Sapa is considered the best time of the year Sapa, extremely suitable for tourists to explore the whole city of Sapa. One day in Sapa, visitors can experience a variety of different colors of the weather. Early in the morning, Sapa sinks into a virtual mist. As the sun begins to rise, Sapa weather gradually became cool, warm with light sun. From evening to night, the weather will be cold, but not too freezing. It’s enough for you to have bbq in the town with some local wine.

2. The beauty of Sapa in November

According to the Telegraph website, terraced fields in the Northwest of Vietnam have been voted as one of the 10 most colorful and cosmopolitan landscapes in the world that visitors should experience once in their life. The period from mid September to November is the time when rice fields in Sapa begin to ripen. So, tourists come to Sapa in November will have chance to admire one of the most beautiful rice terraces in the world. The ideal time for you to travel Sapa to view the golden rice is about early October to November. Later, farmers will harvest rice very quickly in the field. Therefore, the beauty of Sapa rice season in November is the moment that we should admire and respect.


At this time of the year, Sapa in November is wearing a golden coat. You can look at that beauty in any street when traveling to this land. However, do not miss the golden moments of terraced fields: sunrise and sunset. Each moment brings a authentic scene and feeling

Sunrise: When the first rays of early morning in the mountains wakes up, you will feel the scene is more gentle. The braised rice flushes down the dew drops and become glistening in the early morning sunlight.

Sunset time: The moment of darkness in the mountains and forests of the North West is always attractive. The sun makes the sky blue, tall with racquet. Thanks to that, Sapa sunset is also brilliant and charming. The sun gradually goes down behind the mountains rolling away the weak rays of light red but equally brilliant. At that time, the golden terraces are as yellow as the color of the sunset, alternating green mountains of the message. Indeed, the spectacle brings an endless mystery. You can only feel it when you mingle into the beautiful moment with all the senses. And, only with Sapa in November you can enjoy this magical moment.


If you are a freelancer and have flexible timetable, you should choose to travel to Sapa on weekdays. It is because on weekend, the number of tourists to Sapa is always higher than usual. Therefore, you can freely check the rice season at the tourist site without noise and crowds.

From Sapa town center, you can actively rent a motorbike or join Sapa Vietnam motorbike tour to enjoy sightseeing and visit the following villages: Cat Cat (2km); Ta Van (10km); Ta Phin (12km). Motorcycle rents range from 80-120K / car / day, depending on the type of bike. You have to fill the gas by yourself.

You can admire the golden rice season of Sapa in Novemeber in the villages around the end of September – the first week of November. Later, the farmer will focus on harvesting rice, so the field will be harvested very quickly. You can walk around the village, walk in the rice fields fragrant rice fields in the cold wind of the autumn. You should also visit the village in the early morning. At that time, the weather is cool, the sun is not too harsh, your eyes look at things feel more comfortable, feel completely pure peace here.


Visiting the village, in addition to watching the scenery, you also have the opportunity to learn more about the ethnic culture here. You should visit ethnic people’s houses, chat with them about life, cultural customs, learn how to dye cloth, weave traditional cloth of ethnic women, have fun with the children in the village.

If you want to trekking (walking) to other villages, you can ask the local people to go. They are always willing to helping you out. Therefore, besides admiring the most beautiful rice terraces of Sapa in November, you also understand more about Vietnamese ethnic cultures. Or you take a Sapa trekking tour

The weather of Sapa in November is colder than the weather in Hanoi or other places in Vietnam. The temperature in November in Sapa varies from 15-20 degrees Celsius. Early in the morning and at night the temperature can drop below 15 degrees so it is quite cold. The day is sunny but still very cool. With such weather conditions, Spa in November reminds us of Da Lat.

Notes when traveling Sapa in November

You should bring warm jackets, socks, towels for the night and early morning when the temperature drops, accompanied by night dew.

You should bring sports shoes or sandals with anti-slippery soles to suit walking on steep terrain in Sapa, especially when entering the village.

Besides, you also can go to various popular tourist destination in Sapa such as Ham Rong mount, Heaven Gate, etc. Sapa in Novemeber is your chance to discover an exotic Sapa. Don’t miss this moment of the year for travelling to Sapa. And you can join some Sapa tours today.

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