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Explore the most beautiful bay in Vietnam Halong

Halong bay

Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist destination of Vietnam, located in the West Bank of the Gulf of Tonkin in the Northeast sea area of Vietnam. With thousands of wonderful islands, amazing result of nature, Halong Bay has been recognized by many UNESCO as a natural heritage of the world. Ha Long tourism has the advantage of beautiful scenery, attractive to tourists in the country and internationally.

1. Transportation for Halong Bay travel

Motorbikes / cars

Ha Noi – Bac Ninh – Ha Long route: 155 km. This is the route from Ha Noi to Ha Long shortest trip, by car from about 3 hours, the journey as follows:

– Hanoi route 5 – Sai Dong junction: 10 km.

– Sai Dong along the road 1 – Bac Ninh: 23 km.

– From Bac Ninh province: Route 18 – Pha Lai – Chi Linh – Dong Trieu – Uong Bi – Ha Long: 122 km. Ha Noi – Bac Ninh – Ha Long route: 160 km.

– Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi) by Noi Bai – Bac Ninh (32km) to Bac Ninh.

– Continue with national highway 18a through Pha Lai, Sao Do, Dong Trieu and Uong Bi to Ha Long.


Guests can go to the major car dealers gathering in My Dinh bus station, the first departure at 6:00 am and late at 17:00 pm (trip takes 3-4 hours). It takes about 5 to 15 minutes to Bai Chay Bus Station in Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province. Car fare ranges from VND100,000 / seat to VND200,000 / bed.


2. Interesting destinations for Halong Bay travel

Thien Cung grotto

This cave is located in the north of Dau Go island, 4km from the tourist ship harbor to the south. Is one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay travel. The 10,000m² wide is very complex and includes many levels, many with very high ceilings and walls. Especially in the cave, we can see a lot of stalactites, stalagmites with strange shapes.


Dau Go grotto

Along the Dau Go island chain, about 300m from the Thien Cung cave. Dau Go is a large, beautiful cave with mossy antique style, the French called “Cave of wonders”. The cave has a diverse fauna and flora. Due to the wide opening of the store, the humidity in the cave is high and the effect of sunlight can be seen immediately on the diversity of the flora, especially mosses and ferns. wood tree … This is a distinctive feature compared to many other caves in Halong Bay travel.

dau go cave

Me Cung cave

It is located 25m high on Lo Bo Island, about 2km south-west of Ti-Top Island. Look at the distance from the door as a deep-rooted island. The Me Cung cave has a complex structure with many levels, many compartments, a niche spreading over the roof of the stone with the length of more than 100 meters, rising to the west and looking down to a small lake called Ho Me in Halong Bay travel

me cung

Trong cave and Trinh Nu cave

They are located on the two wings of a small mountain ridge east of Bo Hon Island, over 3km south of Sung Sot cave by sea to the southeast. Two caves 700-800m apart by a small bay. The gates turn in different directions. If you shout from this cave, people can hear from the other.

These caves not only have many stalactites and beautiful scenery, but also attract visitors to Halong Bay travel because of a very moving area. In a cave there is a horizontal rock that looks like a girl lying with her hair reaching out to the sea so called the Trinh Nu. The other cave has a very tall stalactite column that looks like a giant guy looking out to sea. The fishermen say that on rainy days the wind blows loudly, through here the wind blows on the cliffs like the drum beat and they call this cave drum.

trinh nu cave

Soi Sim island

Soi Sim is about 8.7ha, located in the west of Halong Bay, about 12km from Bai Chay tourist port (Halong city), about 700m from Ti Top Island. The island is a primeval forest with many kinds of plants, many of which are endemic, valued and characteristic of the Halong Bay travel ecosystem. Local people said, because on the island grew a lot of sim trees should be called Soi Sim.

Ti Top Island

It is an island with steep slopes, with a shallow white sandy beach. Regular cruise ships come here. Visitors stop here to bathe or climb to the top of the mountain to view the whole island. From above, Ti Top Beach is shaped like a full moon embracing the island. Unlike many other tourist destinations on Halong Bay travel, in addition to beautiful natural scenery, Ti Top Island also owns a beautiful beach, called Ti Top beach. Beach area is not large but quiet, airy and very clean, the sand in the beach continuously tide up and down, clean white, sea water in four seasons.

ti top island

Luon cave

Halong travel is proud of a huge cave system, each cave has its own beauty and the stories attached to it. One of the typical caves is Luon cave located on the island of Bo Hon, 14 km from Bai Chay. Here you can see the stalactites are built for millions of years in various shapes and sizes. In front of the cave is the island of Tortoise, on the right is the Heaven Gate.

3. Activities with Halong Bay travel


If you do not experience the cruise on Halong Bay by kayaking, it is regrettable. When sitting on the kayak little paddle rowing on the blue water, while admiring the natural sights, it is simple but equally interesting. Halong Bay travel has been voted by National Geographic Adventures as one of the top 25 Kayak Tours in the world. In Halong there are many places for rent Kayak (at the tourist pier, islands), the rent from 100,000 to 200,000 VND / hour depending on type of boat 1, 2 or 3 seats.


Overnight on Halong Bay cruise

The cruise is like a miniature hotel, also has its own room, with clean mattress blankets, air conditioning, and a private bathroom. Interestingly, you can just relax in the room and open the window you will see the mountains, the majestic water, the fish, the jellyfish swimming right under the window and night. You can also board the ship watching the sky, watching the sea at night.

Floating villages with Halong Bay travel

Away from the shimmering, luxuriant light of the city center, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The coastal fishing village in Ha Long is a peaceful, fresh, destination, an interesting stop for tourists. Destination for this experience can be Van Halong Fishing Village in Vung Vieng fishing village, Cua Van fishing village, Ba Hang fishing village … You can rent boats at the Halong cruise ship.

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