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Best street food in Saigon

Com Tam, Banh Mi, Banh Trang Tron, … are the specialties you often hear when someone talks about Saigon cuisine. You can also enjoy these dishes right in your own city. But enjoying the specialties of a land in the “space” and with the people of that land, the feeling will certainly be very different. List below will help you to not miss the experience of life and people of Saigon in the most interesting and true.

1. Com Tam

Com Tam is known as the specialty of the Southern most of Saigon. This dish has become one of the most popular breakfast of the people of Saigon.

A plate of traditional rice is cooked from the broken rice, which was collected after the rice sieve. Therefore, rice is usually drier and stiffer than other types of rice. However, this feature creates a very lovely harmony when using rice with grilled ribs, soft cheesecake and sweet sour sauce is very Southern. This is the most common street food in HCMC that you can find it anywhere.

2. Banh Mi

Saigon bread is proof that the Saigon people are open to new culture. The bread used is from the famous baguette of France. Bread is also made from ingredients that are bold Western ingredients: butter, pate, meat cool. To reduce the infatuation, the Saigon has skillfully added to the cake sour mix Asian style and a little smell.

The freshmen of vegetables makes a great compromise with the fatty of the remaining ingredients. The combination of East-West in Saigon bread has served many souls love food. The evidence is that the Saigon bread recipe has helped many Vietnamese businesses succeed overseas. No need to mention that this is one of the most famous Vietnamese street food in the world.

3. Hu Tieu

Hu Tieu is a popular dish of the Chinese in the market area. But slowly, the jumbo jute carts have taken this dish across the city. To suit the taste of most Vietnamese people do not like what is too fat, the broth of the noodle from which is also made sweet bar. This Vietnamese street food can be used in all three meals, morning, afternoon, afternoon, evening are appropriate.

For the people of Saigon, The sound of selling Hu Tieu may have become a vocal part of life. Enjoy the long noodles, the same fragrant and crunchy sweet price of just arrived in a rainy afternoon Saigon would probably be a very unforgettable experience.

4. Bot Chien

Bot Chien is also a dish derived from Chinese cuisine, but when it came to Saigon, it was varied by the taste of the Vietnamese, and quickly became the favorite dish of Vietnamese street food.

This dish has extremely simple ingredients. Wheat flour is mixed with flour, and a little oil, kneaded and cut into chunks. When guests arrive, the powder will be golden in the old hot iron pan. To add to its appeal, the salesman adds more eggs and green onions when the dough is nearly cooked. You can find this dish in local markets. Moreover, you just need to walk around the market, you can find a paradise of street food.

5. Goi Cuon

Goi Cuon is not strange to many people. But to Saigon, definitely try this dish once to feel the difference between other Vietnamese street food.

The ingredients are always selected carefully to keep the freshness of the food. Mix soy sauce or salt with a bit crunchy peanuts and a few slices of chili will make this cool dish becomes extremely attractive. Enjoy the salad with half-lean meat, half fat and boiled shrimp and vegetables in hot sun of Saigon will make you feel more delicious food many times.

6. Banh Trang Tron

Recently in Hanoi, a lot of bakery shops have been born. This dish is no stranger to the capital of the capital. But perhaps only in Saigon, we can enjoy the deliciousness of the dish, with the original Tay Ninh Rice Cake, green mango with dried beef, lemongrass and peanuts. All the ingredients are mixed together with sweet and sour sweet sauce. And only in Saigon you can taste the original flavor of this Vietnamese food. You should look for this dish in local markets or some food stall in the streets.

7. Che Trung Tra

Eggs will be boiled thoroughly in tea until the tea soak, making the whites turn to dark brown. Roasted teas will be placed in teapot cups and heat-treated, longan and rocky herbs. This special tea is also a cool medicine, liver detoxification, heat bar, lung supplement.

8. Che

Besides pure Vietnamese sweet soup, Saigon also has Japanese, Thailand, Cambodian one. Each kind is different in taste, material, sweetness, but they are good heat for the city hot sun year round. Under the heat of Saigon, you will find this Vietnamese street food amazing and fresh. Ky Dong restaurant has opened about 30 years ago by the owner of Hanoi open. Quan has spacious space and a very diverse menu. The popular sweet soup of the coffee, green tea, green bean, coconut jelly, Thai tea, fruit … average price 15 thousand / cup

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