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Best places to visit in Vietnam by motorbike

Travel by motorbike is one of the best travel experiences for any travelers. By motorbike, you can travel to anywhere you want and you also can enjoy all the great view along the way. In Vietnam, you can travel by bike from north to south easily. Here are some best places to visit in Vietnam by motorbike.

1. Moc Chau

Moc Chau is a place that has become quite familiar with tourists. Every year, Moc Chau is visited by millions of young people. With attractive routes, many attractions attracted, Moc Chau has a great attraction with people from professional to non-professional. This is an attractive destination for traveling by bike.

If you are an adventurous and exploring, you should take the old Route 6. This road has been downgraded and quite difficult to get, but the scene is very beautiful. There are winding roads running along the Da River, you can see some beautiful waterfalls, stop by the Hoa Binh hydro-power play.

The old Route 6 also leads you through many Mong villages, in the spring of Dao flowers, the cherry is very beautiful. Travel time Moc Chau should go is 3 days or 2.5 days. If you go 2.5 days, the first day sleep Mai Chau, the second day to explore Moc Chau, day 3 to visit some points on the road to Hanoi.

2. Best places to visit in Vietnam – Mai Chau

About 170km from Hanoi, Mai Chau is a cultural tourism destination that is expected by domestic and foreign visitors.

Mai Chau appears in the eyes of tourists is a beautiful valley, thousands of green fields, hidden in the folds of the house nestled in the mountains covered with clouds. The famous place is the Lac, with 100% Thai ethnicity living. Mai Chau is a destination for those who like to travel landscapes, tourist resorts, cultural tourism.

3. Tam Dao

Tam Dao Resort is located on Tam Dao Mountain at an altitude of over 900 m above sea level. The capital of Hanoi is about 80 km, including 50 km along the national highway 2 and about 24 km along the national highway 2B including 13 km of the pass. Tam Dao is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

Located in the north of Tam Dao district, Tam Dao resort is surrounded by the Tam Dao National Nature Reserve, with clean, cool climate, average temperature of about 18 ° C. This is a very favorable condition for the development of ecotourism and tourism.

From Hanoi to Pham Van Dong (or belt 3 straight up) then go to Thang Long bridge, motorcycles are not allowed to go on the 2nd floor of the bridge so you pay attention under the signboard to the floor. first.

Via Thang Long Bridge, go straight to Noi Bai to Nam Hong 4 crossroads (with crossing bridge crossing). Turn left towards Me Linh (Phuc Yen). Go straight ahead and follow signs to continue. Vinh Yen.

At the beginning of the city, there will be signs pointing to Tay Thien – Tam Dao. Note: Do not go to Tam island by automatic bike because of the high risk. By semi-manual one, decreasing numbers themselves (1-2) is a way to slow down a lot, so the automatic bike does not do so inertia created when the downhill so large that you will. In recent times, many accidents caused by motorbikes when downhill in Tam Dao, many deaths or less than the broken leg broken hands. So you have to be extremely careful here!

4. Ham Lon

Located 40 km north of Hanoi in the direction of North Thang Long – Noi Bai high speed, the move here is not too difficult, only about an hour or less. So you can conquer this mountain peak during the day or stay longer if you want to watch the sunset and sunrise on the mountain. Ham Lon is quite near Hanoi so this is one of the the best places to visit in Vietnam.

There are two roads to the summit. The first is a fairly flat, easy path and less bushy. Travel time is from 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours. The second is a challenging stream that is suitable for those who like to venture and explore. With a travel time of about 4 hours, visitors will have to cross the small streams or cross the bush. Although there are many steps to open their own way, but that is the attraction of the road to conquer the mountain.

5. Best places to visit in Vietnam- Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai is located in a highland district of Yen Bai province, about 300km northwest of Hanoi. This is a tourist destination quite familiar with the youth, the dream and majestic here have strange charm for the people. National Highway 32 runs along the hilly mountains, winding streams, rushes through the pine trees and layers of layers of terraces, as far as the sky. The small Mu Cang Chai Town is located between the two sides of the mountain, still quite poor.

6. Sapa

Sapa is often referred to by the name “country of fog”, is no stranger in the eyes of travelers. This place is always fascinating, strangely unique, but no matter how many times there are still things to explore. Regarding Sa Pa, it is hard to resist the splendor of majestic beauty, the magnificent view of terraced fields. From the center of Sa Pa town to the Ta Phin, Ta Van, Trung Chai, … everywhere also scattered rice flavor. This one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. If you want to visit Sapa, you can see click the site to see more.

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