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All about Sapa trekking prepare yourself before going


A trekking trip through the fields and mountains of Sapa is one of the highlights of a trip in Vietnam. You will have chance Visit local villages and see the landscape here. Sapa trekking is an experience you will never forget. Read this guide to help you choose a meaningful trip that suits your needs and also prepare everything for your Sapa trekking trip. And, you also can have some suggestions about the best Sapa trekking routes.

1. Overview about Sapa trekking

As mentioned above, Sapa is one of the highlights of Vietnam. The best way to explore the area around this city is on foot. First, we will explain to you some trekking basics through this area; what you can see, how difficult it is and whether you need a guide or not. Sapa is famous for its rice fields, perhaps this is one of the most beautiful places of our country and even of Asia. With Sapa trekking, you walk on the roads between rice fields and great places in the valley. On this journey, you will cross many different ethnic villages, where you have the feeling that you are being turned back in time. You can meet some water buffaloes who are working hard on the field. And surely this is a great place for you to take photos. There are lots of Sapa trekking routes that you can choose from, each route offers you its own beauty and experiences.

2. How is Sapa trekking?


You will go up and down the hills so of course you have to have good health and endurance. A normal trip is about 12-15km per day and you walk about 5-6 hours. These difficulties are not the same as when you climb the mountain and the road here is not too bad even though there are no paved roads. That’s why after heavy rains, the road becomes slippery in some places, which makes all Sapa trekking routes become difficult to access. But one thing is certain that anyone with good health can do this. When taking a trekking tour in Sapa personally, you should make it clear to your previous instructor about their strength so they can make the best decisions for your route. Also you can decide to trek a day or more days depending on your ability.

3. Do you need a guide?

And,yes, we recommend you find a guide. The guides here are mostly local people so they know everything about Sapa, every small road, every rice field as well as every forest. In many ways, instructors can take you to remote locations not on the map and from the main walking paths across the fields and forests. You will feel better and more comfortable when the tour guide shows you where to go to eat, if you have a day trip. Your guide will know the best Sapa trekking routes you can go and he also helps you to deal with carious difficulties along the way. If you want a real adventure, you can also go to Sapa trekking alone. Before you go, you need to thoroughly understand all Sapa trekking routes to find out the most appropriate for you. The easiest way to do this is to trekking to villages where you can find accommodation to stay overnight like Cat Cat Village, Y Linh Ho or Ta Van. Make sure you bring enough food and water for you, there will be no shops if you get lost. Also with small trekking trips a day you do not need a guide. It is best to ask the hotel where you live in Sapa for advice on the best and most convenient trekking for you.

4. Your options

There are many online tours and travel agents in Hanoi in Sapa. We have chosen the best tours in Sapa. You just need to determine if you want to trekking one day or trekking for several days. Trekking tours can be for a day or up to three days. The four-day tour is usually the first day you travel from Hanoi to Sapa, not a trekking day so make sure you check your itinerary properly. If you just want to trekking one day, you will be able to see beautiful rice fields and indigenous villages. This is best if your stamina is not too good, you don’t have enough time or when you end the day you want to return to the hotel in the most pleasant way. This Sapa trekking routes might tough for some people, but if you don’t have much time, you should try to shorten the route. We recommend going two days, one night trekking for the best experience. The second trekking day for many is the best day because the landscape is becoming more impressive and you will meet fewer tourists. Besides the beautiful rice fields, you will stroll through the forest and visit remote villages. At the end of the day, you will stay in a home of the locals to experience the real life here.


Trekking for three days is for those who really love trekking because the landscape will not change much. Of course you will go further and will encounter fewer tourists. One of the most famous Sapa trekking routes is the Fansipan climbing tour. Many people have done this in one day. We think it should not, you have to start very early and will return to the end of the evening with all the time you will have to walk. Trekking two days a night will be more comfortable and enjoyable. At night, you will sleep in the mountains in a hut. Also trekking three days, it will take you to another road. And surely you can’t go up without a guide. There are still some people organizing themselves but we recommend that you do not do this because there have been people missing and fatal accidents on them. So, you need a guide for this route.

Here are some experiences for Sapa trekking routes that you should know before your trekking, Make sure that you are informed enough to have the best choice for your trek. You can take Sapa homestay tour or tours of Sapa to explore this place.

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