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7 things not to do when coming to Australia

Swimming outside the confined area, not using sunscreen or getting too close to the kangaroo will cause you trouble. Australia is an open country but there are a few rules that travelers should know when coming here.

Swimming outside the confined range

The sea in Australia is where visitors dive and swim among the blue water. However, you should swim in the middle or inside the flags to ensure safety. The waters at the beaches here sometimes become violent and immerse you in an inescapable vortex.

Going outside without sunscreen

The sun in Australia is intense and can cause serious skin effects such as burns. Applying sunscreen is a good solution when you are going out. Especially always drink enough water, to avoid dehydration when coming here in the summer.

Being noisy on public transport

At train stations, there are always signs to remind travelers to keep quiet, especially during peak hours. If you accidentally use facetime or talk on the phone too loud while taking the train or bus, don’t be too surprised when the next person complains.

Drive when drunk and speed up

In Australia, you will have to pay a small fine for speeding or drinking. Police and security cameras will conduct strict inspections, especially during holidays.

Not researching before going to the beach

If you’re a first-time visitor to Australia, searching for information on Google about beaches will be a good idea. Beaches close to major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth are safe. However, with beaches on the West Coast or in some other places, you may encounter sharks, stingrays …

Not saying thank you to the driver when leaving

Thanking the driver is a minimum courtesy here. When getting off the bus, waving a hand or thanking will make their day more meaningful.

Think that kangaroos are cute animals

Kangaroo may be an animal with a cute appearance, but they have strong legs. You should remember not to try to get close to the kangaroo.

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