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Phu Quoc travel the most amazing destination

Phu Quoc is a beautiful archipelago located in the Gulf of Thailand, Kien Giang province. In the southern sea of the country, Phu Quoc – the largest island of Vietnam, is also the largest island in a population of 22 islands here. Clear sea, peaceful streams and many unique seafood are the great advantages of Phu Quoc tourism.

1. How to get to Phu Quoc?

Transportation for Phu Quoc travel is mostly by airplane, high speed train or ferry. Here are the options to go to Phu Quoc depending on different points of departure:

Ha Noi – Phu Quoc: Vietnam Airlines operates every day an Airbus flight from Hanoi to Phu Quoc departs at 8h40 and arrives at 10h45. The reverse flight departs from Phu Quoc at 11h35 and arrives at 13h40. Ho Chi Minh City – Phu Quoc: Distance 500 km, can go by plane or combination of cars + speed boat Rach Gia – Phu Quoc

– Aircraft: Vietnam Airlines operates every day 17 flights with ATR aircraft and 1 flight with Airbus. Viet Jet Air operates a daily flight with Airbus. Flight time is 50 minutes.

– Rach Gia – Phu Quoc cars: Phuong Trang, Kumho and Mai Linh are high-quality bus companies that carry passengers on HCM City – Rach Gia and vice versa, traveling time is 6 Up to 7 hours depending on traffic density. Can Tho – Phu Quoc: Can be taken by plane or combination of cars + high speed train Rach Gia – Phu Quoc

• From the airport go to Duong Dong Center / Dinh Cau area by taxi takes about 20 minutes. Phu Quoc has two largest taxi companies, SASCO and Mai Linh, both of which are metered, quite safe and convenient for travelers. Explore Phu Quoc: There are three main roads:

– Tran Hung Dao Street: The road has the most hotels and resorts in Phu Quoc travel, most of which have beaches, starting from the fall to the end of Truong beach, to An Thoi. You can go from the beach of this resort to another comfortable resort, and the length of this free beach to over 10km. Tran Hung Dao Street is also the way to visit the gallery – Origin, Pearl, Phu Quoc prison, Hang Yen.

– Road 30/4 – Phu Quoc dining route: There are many restaurants and eateries, you can try seafood at the roadside shop at a better price than the night market. This road goes to Sung Hung Co Tu Pagoda, Tranh Stream, Ham Ninh fishing village, Bai Vong wharf. Can go this road through An Thoi to visit Sao beach, Khem beach, which is perfect for Phu Quoc travel.

– Hung Vuong street: This road creates a junction with 30/4 road. Go straight to the first intersection is Nguyen Trung Truc turn left to airport, turn right to go to Da Ban Stream, Tu Tuong Garden, Ganh Dau Garden, Nguyen Temple, Vung Bau …

2. Phu Quoc travel destinations

2.1 North Island

North island in Phu Quoc is rich with pristine forest and abundant fauna and flora and countless beautiful beaches hidden behind the forest. Coming to the North Island comes to the wild nature. Exploring North Island includes: Phu Quoc Temple Phu Quoc pepper is famous for its spicy aromas than other pepper cultivation. On the way from Duong Dong to Ganh Dau street, you will see the beautiful pepper gardens. After visiting, you can also buy some dried pepper as a gift to friends. This destination is great for Phu Quoc travel

2.2 Ganh Dau cape

The cape overlooks the Northwest Sea and attracts visitors for its unspoiled natural beauty. From here you can see the sea of Cambodia. This cape has a 500m long beach. This is also the place to enjoy great seafood for visitors Location: in Ganh Dau commune, Phu Quoc district, about 15-20 km north of Duong Dong town.

2.3 Hon Thom

Hon Thom Island is located in the North of Phu Quoc. Here you can dive the coral, see the aquaculture of fishermen, pearl farms Hon Thom distance about 10 minutes, you can see the famous squid fishing village in Phu Quoc travel.

Location: From Phu Quoc pier, take 30 minutes to go to Hon Thom Island.

2.4 Da Ban stream

There are large and flat stones like the table so local people call Da Ban Stream. This is one of the attractions not to be missed when you visit Phu Quoc National Park in your Phu Quoc travel. Location: From Duong Dong town, go up the North Island and follow the path leading to the Da Ban Stream.

2.5 Bai Sao

Bai Sao is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc travel. This place owns fine white sand like ice cream more than 7 kilometers long, curved like the moon. In the high season, Bai Sao busy travelers, so if you like beach bathing Sao beach, you should go early to rent a hammock.

2.6 Bai Khem

Khem beach is pristine, white sand and fine powder. One point except that Khem beach has a lot of rubbish and leaves, feeling the sea is not clean. In return, eat seafood Bai Khem is great. Here you will find grilled fish and herring salad at a reasonable price. You can visit the Cuc Man restaurant tasting the side dish tomorrow and resting relaxed on the hammock. In Bai Khem you should also visit pearl farms, very interesting.

3. What to do in Phu Quoc?

3.1 Snorkeling

The marine ecosystems of the southern An Thoi archipelago, or Hon Tay island, Doi Moi island and Thay Bay island in the north of Phu Quoc travel Island are ideal places for exploring the ocean world, especially The coral reefs are at the top of the table in Vietnam in terms of abundance with 17 different types of hard, soft and saltwater fish. Coral cruise tours are offered by Phu Quoc hotels and resorts and offered for sale from 350,000 to 500,000 VND / person.

3.2 Fishing squid at night

When the night falls, it’s time to experience the exciting moments with the fishermen with the night squirrel activity. There will be nothing like your own hands are squid are hunting under the sea or pick up the swordfish, blue fish floating on the sea. The spoils are salted or salted to be served on board.

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